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Mayura park, omission of mataram kingdom

Lombok island has the number of tourism object which is should be prided. Because of owning famous and incomparable natural beauty In all over the world, in the reality Lombok also has history tourism that has the same beauty with other famous tourism object.

One of history tourism object in Lombok is located in Mayura park, Cakranegara, a park omission of Raja anak agung made karangasem, (the dominator of Lombok island ) which is built around 1744m.

Mayura according to I gusti ngurah sugata, officer of omission hall of continuation of ancient, and also as a keeper of mayura park, originally named taman kelepung, taken from sounds of water that’s caused by wellspring that flow qickly which is exist in the little lake inside this park.

Than in 1866, this park was renovated by king of mataram aa ngurah karang asae and change it’s name became taman mayura, along time ago in this park there are a lot peacock birds hunting snakes which are a lot in this park.” Sugata said

Further more, mayura was more or less 2 hectare wide. Which it’s conservation together with pura miru, beyond this park, becoming the observation of tourism institution of NTB province, “in the park, there are some building such as, two pura,which are pura kelepung and pura jagat nat, and also adrift building on the middle of little lake that commonly called bale kambang, where the function is for judging such problem”

In one of temple which is kelepung temple , one a year used to held ritual purnama keped (forth full moon ) that celebrated between November and December. “that ritual was followed by 30 stewards of palace, that’s brought surrounding the temple, starting from mura temple to kelepung temple inside the mayura park.” Sugata said.

While one of local guide, Suandi (30), I meeting with Koran berita said that, mayura park is one of target of tourism, either domestic tourist or international tourist, in 2008 ago, most of tourist who came to this park were from Europe, he said.

Suandi also said that For the visitors must pay the ticket only Rp. 2500 per one, either localism or foreigners, and that cost included tourism guide who will explain the detail about the park, started from 07.00 to 17.00 pm,

‘Sometime, these visitors interested to came because of the history and the omission buildings that still original, last year, almost 75% who visited are foreigners, most of these guest are taken by (koprasi of Senggigi transportation ) (koprasi of mataram city), taxi, and travel agents” further suandi said.

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